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DIY tips

There are some electrical things an average homeowner is able to do without paying anybody

It is better and safer to call a licensed experienced electrician to take care glitches & failures

And there are other problems that an unlicensed individual should never fix or touch

The rule of thumb with regards to your home electricity is obvious:

Do not touch it unless you are absolutely sure it is safe to do so

DIY electrical work is one of the dumbest ways to die!

This page contains links to simple home maintenance tips, electrical defects you can detect or eliminate yourself free of charge, and deadly mistakes to avoid:

Homeowner's annual electrical checklist. DIY safety inspection

Tips on avoiding a disaster after losing all power in winter

Close box openings. DIY safety inspection continued

Do not overload circuit or main breaker if you DIY

Reset a tripping breaker that won't turn back ON

Test all wall plugs. DIY inspection continued

DIY. How to wire switch and light fixture

Made mistakes in DIY electrical work?

Simple, yet extremely dangerous error

A deadly 15 second DIY mistake

DIY. Electrical panel labeling

We are constantly working towards adding new information and improving this page. The goal is to enhance homeowners' ability to perform basic electrical tasks while maintaining safe practices, adhering to all Canadian Electrical Code requirements, Ontario Safety Code and other multiple relevant regulations

Not sure if it is safe to do or not? Then ask a question. We will answer it within three days or so

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