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Old falling off insulation leaves exposed live conductors

Look at this vivid and striking image a customer has emailed to Electrician Toronto! Brittle and falling off insulation leaves hot conductors absolutely bare and dangerous

NOT replacing this wiring right away is suicidal!

It is clear from the picture the problem started long ago because of the old, dry, inflexible and crumbling insulation. And fixing it with the electrical tape has not eliminated the danger. It continues to deteriorate

This licensed PRO is highly experienced in various methods of making the ancient wiring, including rubber-cloth and Knob and Tube, safer

Where possible we repair the existing conductors. We retrofit, upgrade, or replace only the damaged parts

A complete replacing is the best option but it is the most expensive one at the same time

We will not come for free to have a look or to give an estimate. We charge from $180 to $250 to inspect and evaluate it, give options, explain, and discuss everything with customers. You will determine the scope of the project yourself after understanding the pros and cons of every option available to you

On this picture the insulation is obviously brittle and crumbling leaving exposed live conductors

Electrician Toronto could fix this particular problem in one or two hours and charge $180 - $250. But it is not possible to see small details. And if the bare copper goes above or outside the box, then it will take more than two hours to make it safer and will cost more than $250

There will be no guarantee, warranty, or responsibility of any sort from this electrical contractor for fixing wires in just one box

Please note, this exact problem could be present in other light boxes, representing a much higher risk of short circuit and fire. It could exist in many other locations all over the house or building

We will discuss the risks and options. Every homeowner must immediately contact us if there is a defect similar to that shown above

From Etobicoke to downtown, to Scarborough our electricians eliminate the probability of short circuit and fire in old homes and buildings

please email us your pictures along with contact info and address

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exposed hot wire; unprotected neutral
Etobicoke electricians repair damaged sheath
restore brittle and falling off insulation in Markham
replace bad pieces of cable in Oakville and the GTA
retrofit hot bare and dangerous conductors in North York
make wires safer with a much lower risk of short circuit and fire
upgrade hazardous ancient dried out, cracked rubber protective covering

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