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Electrician installs deck lights

You are looking for an affordable electrician to install deck lights. And you would like it to be a safe, nice looking and code compliant job in Etobicoke, North York, Newmarket, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Scarborough, Richmond Hill

Electrician installs deck lights in Maple, Aurora, Toronto, Oakville, Thornhill, Vaughan, Pickering, Markham, Brampton, East York

To do just that and to quote we need to know exactly what to do, so:

1 Could you please make a list of each and all items or things you would like me to do, install, add or fix?

2 Please email as many details as possible, such as a link to the specific deck light and/or its manual, description, size, model number, volts, amps, pictures, etc.


3 Could you please give me your address, postal code, and telephone number? (if you didn't do it already).

4 Then please go 5 m or 10 m away from the deck and take a pic of the deck from the left hand side and from the right hand side.

5 Send me a picture of the door and back wall taken from outside.

6 A shot of the backyard door and back wall taken from inside.

7 And two images of the deck showing its parts in detail from a shorter distance.

8 Attach no more than two images to every email message. Huge size files sometimes get blocked and lost.

9 When would you like us to do it? Please give a few dates and times.

My partner or I will call you, ask questions, discuss and then visit.

Sample of what the electrician would like to get in email from you (from customer):

My name is Sarah, of 111 Best St, Maple, ON, L4N 5U2. Cell 905 555 5555

I would like a licensed electrician to install in my house in Toronto:

1 one new switch inside the finished basement near the existing switch at the backyard exit door. (I have included a picture of the entire inside back wall. It shows the door, the existing switch that controls ceiling light in that basement room, and one existing wall outlet, at the lower left corner.)

2 I would like you to run a wire from the new switch to the outside and then to the deck.

3 install 35 pcs of LED lights. This is a link to the light and its manual. The LED fixture is also shown on the attached picture.

4 connect all the lights to the wire so that all of them are controlled by one switch described in step 1 above.

5 for your convenience I also included and attached the following:

a) picture of the deck taken from the left hand side showing the entire deck and around

b) pic of the deck taken from the right hand side showing the entire deck and around

c) of the door and back wall of the house taken from outside

d) of the backyard exit door and back wall taken from inside of the basement

e) of the LED light that I have bought and a link to it

f) two shots taken from a shorter distance and showing deck parts in detail

I would supply the LED lights and adequate driver(s) or power source. I will mark location of each light with a sticker in advance.

I realize that giving all the necessary and detailed info and pics will allow you to come prepared, save your time and my money. Therefore I do not mind spending 20 minutes and pay $100 to $300 less for the work well done.

Dear customer, please read the above very carefully, edit and change the text to describe your particular project. Pls re-read it carefully before emailing it out to Electrician Toronto.

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