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Repair washroom exhaust fan. Replace bathroom fan

House bathroom repair and condo washroom renovation rewiring is my specialty!

Please do not contact me if you are not willing to pay $200 via Interac email transfer in advance.

I will repair a washroom exhaust fan that has stopped working or replace a bathroom fan that is out of order, noisy, or not running anymore.

But first I need you to remove its intake cover plate and take a couple of good quality pics.

washroom exhaust fan electrician (647) 932 5666

Please include measurements of the bottom part of fan's housing/box L and W. Then email everything to me along with a detailed problem or job description.

Do not forget to include your contact information and postal code or full address.

I will either give you the price to fix it or hourly rate depending of what information and photos I get from you.

In 85% of cases it will cost you $320. The actual work at your place will take less than one hour. But on my end it is a four to five hour long job with driving back and forth, shopping, delivering the new item to your door and doing the actual job.

I will be doing sourcing and shopping for you. But I won't be responsible in any way if the brand new replacement part was defective, or noisy, or else. And if I needed to go shopping again to exchange it, you, the customer shall prepay me for that.

You should prepay $200 via Interac email transfer. I will go, buy and come with the replacement part that is identical to what you emailed me. I will do it all in one take.

If I have to spend more time on shopping than visiting one or two stores, I will call from the second store and offer to Interac prepay more money.

You shall pay the rest $120 and the purchase amount right away upon my arrival to your place.

I will neither work, nor spend time for free, nor refund amy money no matter what.

If you buy the part(s) yourself, please prepay only $160. This way you can save 50% of your money but only if you know exactly what to do or buy. I will NOT be able to replace it if you bought an item with different dimensions. I will NOT refund the money if the replacement fan is not exactly and precisely the same.

Unlikely, but if a wire is burnt or broken inside the wall or ceiling you will have to pay more money to fix it.

I will make it work, but I will not touch the vent or ductwork. If it is blocked, clogged or broken you will have to hire another tradesman, unless it was something really basic for me to fix.

There is so much text because I know all subtleties from my own experience. We could encounter situations that may create tension or conflict if they are not discussed in advance.


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