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Lights and outlets out, no tripped breakers

Some power is out but all breakers are OK

House lights and some receptacles are out in different rooms

Plug not working breakers are OK, call electrician in Etobicoke

Condo electrical socket not working while the panel is absolutely OK

Several wall receptacles are dead but all breaker are on in downtown Toronto

If there is an arcing or a burning defect, like intermittent fault, on and off glitch and flickering, the longer you wait, the worse or more dangerous it becomes

This expert restores lost power or outage in buildings when all fuses are good and breakers are on and there is no problems in the panel

If power is out to one or more receptacles and/or lights but all breakers are ON and OK, it could indicate a serious fault inside the walls or ceiling. If you have reset all panel switches but something is still out, call this highly experienced PRO to quickly find and eliminate the glitch

We might need to cut your drywall though

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