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Install power to Bitcoin mining equipment

Reliable 208 V and 220V power, sub-panels, dedicated circuits, proper wall receptacles, etc.
Master electrician in Toronto installs power to PSU and bitcoin mining operations
Power supply, wall plugs for bitcoin miners, cooling-ventilation equipment
Hire a PRO. Get worry free, reliable, ample power supply

Install Power Distribution Units or specialized power strips for computer hardware. Commercial
grade data center PDUs or power splitters can also be used in your home operation

Install branch circuits for 240V 20A PDU with NEMA L6-20P plug and L6-20R wall receptacle
Dedicated lines for 240V 30A PDU with NEMA L6-30P and L6-30R wall plug
Dedicated circuits for 240V 15A and for 240V 20A wall receptacles
Power supply for APW3++ for Antminer S9 or L3+ or D3

Feeders for cooling fans, other auxiliary equipment

First we calculate capacity requirements for all your miners, SPUs, PDUs, and auxiliary equipment
We then perform load calculation and install sup-panels in your mining room or centre
We deal with ESA and Hydro to upgrade or increase your service

Large Bitcoin mining farm electrical contractor in Toronto installs transformers
adds capacity and power to your building, warehouse, or facility
Complete power distribution system installation

Master Electrician installs power to Bitcoin mining equipment. (647) 932 5666

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