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Install motion sensor light fixture

Dear customer, if you would like Electrician Toronto to install or even repair an exterior motion sensor light fixture anywhere in the GTA, please buy a new one and dial the number at the bottom.

If the old piece is not working we will replace it. Or you will return that new fixture you have just bought and get a refund if we did not need to replace the existing one.

Most probably it is a fast, easy, and inexpensive job. Replacing, disconnecting and reconnecting such light takes from 20 to 40 min.

But if the supply wire to the light is burned or broken inside wall/ceiling, it would be a much bigger and longer job.

Electrician will repair or replace the exterior motion and light sensor light fixture. He will make sure it works and demonstrate it working to you.

But the tradesman will not do any set ups or adjustments because darkness is required for that.

An average homeowner is able to set up or tune up the sensors at night following the manual and instructions included in the box with it.

Electrician Toronto is not able to test the light at the day time, he therefore is ONLY responsible for the correct installation and connection. And he is responsible for his errors, faulty workmanship, parts and materials he has supplied and installed.

We therefore put forward THREE PRECONDITIONS:

1. Our PRO must install the fixture and demonstrate that it lights up in the test mode to the customer. That is it! He is not responsible for anything else.

2. The installer is not responsible for the light fixture, its settings, functionality, operation or defects. The customer is solely and completely responsible for that.

3. If the exterior motion and light sensor fixture does not work properly at night or the customer is not able to set up or tune up the sensors at night following the manual and instructions, and if the second installer's visit is needed, the customer must AGAIN pay the service call fee, AGAIN pay for technician's time and work.

To avoid problems with a brand new yet defective item, customer may choose to buy a spare or total of two brand new fixtures, as described in the first paragraph above. The customer will then return the spare one for refund.

Another option is to pay extra for the evening visit. Our expert will be able to adjust all the settings to customer's complete satisfaction. But it could take three hours or more due to the time delay and five to fifteen minute waiting necessary for every adjustment.

To sum up, the installation or replacement of motion sensor light fixture in the GTA is a fast and easy job in most cases. Settings and adjustments require darkness, more time and customer is responsible for tuning, unless he/she hired us to do it after the dusk.

Please, let us know your preferences.

Electrical contractor installs interior motion controls in office and condominium buildings in Maple, Aurora, Toronto, Oakville, Thornhill. Warehouse occupancy sensors, brightness, ambient light, or level of light controls and combination thereof together with LED technology dramatically cut lighting bills in Vaughan, Pickering, Markham, Brampton, East York, Ontario.

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