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Standby, back-up, and temporary power electrical contractor in Toronto and GTA

This educated, knowledgeable and highly experienced electrician has installed more than a hundred generator, transfer switch and supplementary sets of all sizes, fuels and purposes in Toronto and GTA. Call us and hire a PRO who would choose the right equipment, install it safely, and correctly reconfigure existing loads.

In case of outage or Hydro grid emergency the standby unit starts automatically. You would hardly notice the change because it delivers current directly to the main panel without any interruption. It also stops automatically when power is restored.

A small backup generator with manual transfer switch is an inexpensive alternative to the whole house unit and is available at prices to fit any budget.

The real danger of extended power outage is freezing water inside the property during the winter.

Even a small 200 watt generator could make a huge difference during the winter extended blackout. It's like buying home insurance. A $250 item will be powerful enough to run the gas furnace, protect pipes from rupturing, flooding, and from the North Pole-like scenery inside.

Read on if you did not make your mind or if you want to avoid the following:

The frigid weather during power outage could cause extensive damage to unprotected and quickly cooling down water pipes. Ruptured pipes ultimately cause flooding. A damaged pipe can leak as much as 40 tons of water per day, especially when the occupants are away.

More than once we saw a complete disaster caused by the loss of electricity, followed by freezing pipes, followed by flooding, followed by all that water icing up inside the walls and ceilings.

After losing power and heat an average home usually retains enough heat to keep pipes from freezing for about 20 to 40 hours depending on the outdoor temperature. Do not just leave for hotel. There are simple things you can do yourself to prevent a major disaster. Do drain the pipes, protect sinks traps and toilets, remove or empty all the water first.

Turn the water supply OFF where it comes into the house from outside. Usually at the front wall in the basement or in the utility room. Open all faucets throughout the property. Do not forget about shower & tub faucets and drain the water out of all pipes. The liquid will slowly pour out from the lowest faucets in your basement. The pipes are not in danger if they are empty.

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