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House main panel replacement

Does the photo on the right look familiar? Hire this highly experienced electrician to quickly remove your old and messy equipment and put a brand new, neat, and great looking breaker panel instead in Toronto and the GTA.

If it is the very first/main disconnect behind or after the meter, we should run separately one Neutral and one Ground conductor from disconnect to panel.

Electrician Toronto will bond together all incoming and outgoing neutral and ground conductors inside the disconnect to its metal casing. The disconnect box (not panel) should be properly bonded to the gas and water pipes.

Our panel controlled by the disconnect is not main, it's a subpanel.

A bonding screw or jumper between N and Gr should be removed from the sub-panel, if it is there. NO grounds in the panel should be connected to its neutrals. Not a single Gr should be terminated to a neutral bus bar inside the sub-panel.

If the old disconnect is shaky, rusty and does not look strong and if the entry holes are too big or have no entry connectors it should be repaired or replaced.

In most cases such obsolete equipment is inconvenient and less reliable. Every main fuse replacement requires a service from an electrical contractor and payment of rather high fees. Homeowner should consider taking a one time $800 to $2000 hit to save money and avoid headaches over the longer period of time.

If there is a need to repair or modify either the panel or disconnect switch for whatever reason, electrician Toronto will install one brand new panel with main breaker instead of all this obsolete and messy equipment.

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