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House problem. Condo breaker and power fault repair

Licensed master electrician in Toronto fixes:

two condo outlets are out
outlets that are not working
no connection and no contact
bedroom switches have trouble
hot to touch, overheating dimmer
issues with lights, bulbs and fixtures
troubleshooting condo fault or failure
outage from a tripping circuit breaker
main wire connection having the trouble
bulbs are burning out faster at higher rate
an impact-protected luminaire in the closet
bad connection somewhere along the circuit
some bulbs are flickering, dimming or blinking
motion sensor light on the outside of the house
marking circuit breakers and labeling main panel
socket is dead, but the GFCI button will not reset
reliable testing, investigation, inspection and advice
diagnosis of garage and basement defect or problem
recessed fixture goes off & on again in the living room
flush with ceiling pot lights stopped working one by one
appliance has died because of the bad wiring connection

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Electrician Toronto knows that tripping breaker is the most common issue that happen in homes, condos, restaurants and buildings. Dining room lights get brighter while others glow or get dimmed is an indicator of a possible problem in neutral conductor.

Five electrical plugs in one side of our basement stopped working, are out of order, or dead. The fridge outlet was out too and a couple of lights went dim. So I ran an extension cord across the hallway to power them from another socket in the kitchen. I checked and then turned all breakers off and then on in the main panel, that did not help.

I found nothing out of the ordinary neither in the panel, nor anywhere else. Except, there was a GFCI wall socket that I could not reset. I clicked test and reset buttons, nothing happened.

Is there power going to it or not? I do not know where the cause is, it can be a tripped breaker, GFCI, lost connection, or something else.

Should I check all lines in the house (upstairs, baths, outdoor & garage) for another spot that might be causing all this trouble?

After guessing this and that Sarah, the homeowner called me.

I have found a loose connection in the breaker box and another problem in the GFI outlet. I ended up opening several of device boxes and tightening all the wire nuts and contact screws. The splicing and termination points were not thoroughly tightened during the initial installation 50 or so years ago.

In most cases, there is no way for an average homeowner to figure this out on his or her own. That's why people call #electricianintoronto and I, in turn, come and fix faults in the most speedy and efficient way.

Comments and questions

Becky Liddle in East York said...

Quality Excellent

Replaced knob & tube wiring in 1920s home. We had all the knob and tube wiring replaced in our 1920s home.

This Toronto electrician and his helper were great! I liked that they charge by the hour, which meant that I could decide exactly what I wanted done.

While they were here anyway I had them add many extra electrical outlets and light fixtures--something that would not have been included in other contractors' estimates. He could give me a rough estimate of how long the additional task might take, and then I could decide whether I wanted to have him do it, the flexibility was very nice.

I got lots of sensible stuff done while he was here, for far less than it would have cost to have another electrician come back later to do them. Victor is delightful--polite, considerate, pleasant--which made it much easier to have workmen in the house for several days than it would have been with most companies.

They were prompt and efficient, working long days, barely taking time for a quick lunch. They came when promised and kept working until the job was done. I have recommended them to friends and have had them back several times for small jobs.

Years later, when replacing a light fixture, I discovered that when Victor replaced the wiring he forgot to change one box over from the old knob and tube style to the modern style--perfectly safe, but it makes it hard to install the new light fixture.

When I called him about it (remember, this was YEARS later!) he came within a few days and made the switch and didn't charge me anything!

Highly recommended!!!

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