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Dishwasher wiring and hook up

Run a new dedicated line to dishwasher electrician in Toronto


Just hook it up or hard-wire to the existing circuit

We can connect the dishwasher to power (ONLY to power) if there is enough slack in the hoses behind and if it is possible to pull it out.
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Installer or plumber should use long enough hoses. If it was directly connected to the pipe or there was NO enough slack in the hoses or they are too short, electrician would NOT be able to get access behind the appliance to hook it up.

Some high end European models are made for 220V and require additional work plus an extra breaker. And sometimes hooking up a 220 V European unit to the existing 110V circuit could take much more time, require running a new dedicated line from the panel, or is impossible at all, especially in old homes and condos.

The probability that I will NOT be able to do the job is low, about 5%. But customer must pay me NO MATTER WHAT. Even if it was not possible to do the job due to the mistakes made by others before.

Here is an example of such mistake. Twice I saw the kitchen floor tiles laid after the dishwasher installation. The 5/8" raised floor level made it impossible to extract an old faulty unit from under the counter!

The electrician is NOT responsible for the above. And he is NOT responsible for any missing, defective, broken, rusty parts that do not work, or do not function properly, or damaged wires, or for the presence of the hidden shoddy workmanship from previous alterations making any job much longer, more expensive or even impossible to do now.

The electrician is NOT responsible for the appliance if, after touching or moving, it has stopped working or did not start working. The electrician is NOT responsible for anything bad that has been waiting to happen and has happened just because he touched the dishwasher or anything else.

The electrician is ONLY responsible for his errors, faults, workmanship, parts and materials he has supplied and installed.

Customer is always responsible for everything in the property that would be impossible for the electrician to foresee or to avoid.

The responsible party must pay for all of the consequences.

Conclusion, buy a 15 Amp 110 V model, make sure there is a 110V dedicated circuit coming to the wall plug or there is a long enough romex or BX cable, long hoses behind it. Pull it out, get a plumber to hook up the new appliance before calling an electrician and make sure the plumber uses long hoses. Save time and money, avoid unexpected trouble by extracting the new appliance with all pipes and hoses connected to it in advance, before calling me.

A dedicated circuit consists of one breaker, one line, one device with nothing else connected to that breaker and circuit. It is a Canadian Electrical Code requirement for the dishwasher.

Please send me a link to your new item.


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Soraya said...

This Toronto electrician saved the day. We needed an electrician to hook up a dishwasher, remove one lighting fixture from a very high, two storey ceiling as well as two others and found Sam online. Making arrangements was easy as he is a good communicator who returns calls and emails promptly. Sam was extremely efficient and professional and got the job done in good time. I would definitely use him again and would recommend him to others.

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