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My furnace keeps shutting down. The thermostat display goes blank and the only way to get it back on is to flip the breaker in the box. Is it an electrical problem? Or should I call a furnace repair technician?

The outdoor AC unit keeps tripping the breaker every couple of hours. First it runs fine, but then will trip every 2 to 4 hours. Is it a fault inside the AC, or breaker, or another issue? The house is old, but both the A/C and its wiring are only two years old. If you have any HVAC recommendation, that would be appreciated.

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Check the wiring. Its contacts, splicing or connections could have been loosened over time so there could be no good connection and thus it is heating up. Check the connection at the breaker, with the breaker off.

Take off the protective cover of the AC unit to check out its guts. See if anything is going on with that. Make sure each wire and contact has a good connection, nothing is loose, broken or burnt.

Then have a look at the capacitor. See if it looks intact and OK. Bad capacitor could cause your breaker to pop. It is a starter for the A/C motor.

The breaker itself can deteriorate and wear out. It will have to be replaced if:

It is a faulty breaker if it cannot handle the appropriate load, cannot hold rated current any longer, trips at lower amps than breaker is rated for, or trips after being on for a while.

In other words, if the breaker trips at a reading less than 14 amps (assuming a 15 amp circuit), or 19 amps (on a 20 amp line), then it is a bad breaker. If an appliance is on a 40 AMP branch and the breaker opens the circuit at anything less than 40 amps, replace the breaker. If a device or appliance itself is drawing higher amps than rating on its label, then repair or replace the appliance. It is about to burn out.

These are just some basic things that would/could result in a constantly popping breaker. AFCI and GFCI breakers is a separate topic. It is not touched in this post.

Your best bet is to hire a licensed electrician who is experienced in troubleshooting. It could still be a problem inside the device, appliance, or equipment. If that's the case, an HVAC licensed technician is needed. And you may end up calling a mechanic or an appliance repair technician and paying him again.

Do not do it yourself. You can burn down the house, kill yourself and the entire family.

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