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My central vacuum is in the garage. This morning it has stopped running. I emptied it out, then put it back together. And ... the light in the garage went out right after. Nothing is working now in the entire garage including central vac, garage door opener, inside lights, and front garden lights that are plugged in via an extension cord at the garage.

The backyard outdoor lights are working just fine and everything else in the house is OK. None of the circuit breakers is tripped, all fuses are good too. I reset and changed all of them just in case.

I also checked out and reset all three GFCIs in the house, after reading a DIY forum and getting a valuable feedback. Temporarily I plugged the central vac into an extension cord to see if the fault was inside, but the vac sucks just as it supposed to.

I guess the problem is in the outlet box into which the central vac was always plugged. It could be a loose wire or a poor contact in the outlet box or the receptacle itself. That junction box supplies further power to other outlets and lights in the garage.

Does anyone out there know what else I should do?

A neighbor suggested there could be a sub panel or another GFCI somewhere upstream on the garage circuit. It may be in any room or hiding behind a piece of furniture or an appliance in the laundry room. But I found none.

Is there anything else I can do myself to restore power to the garage before calling an electrician?

Well, there are several possibilities. But without a good tester and knowledge, hunting and guessing could take a very long time. Moreover, this approach is not 100% safe.

I am a very experienced troubleshooter. I can say with confidence that I am one of the best in Mississauga, Toronto and Etobicoke. It's a 80% chance that I will find the cause and fix it in 60 minutes or less. I could come out the same day even in rush hour. I communicate exceptionally well in plain English in both explaining what happened, the root of it, and in addressing any questions regarding the work at hand. I used to work long hours and can often come in an hour or two even to Thornhill, Markham, Brampton or Vaughan, Ontario. So stop reading forums and experimenting. Call me. Your search and concerns will be over in an hour or so.
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