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Condo Pot Light Installation in Vaughan

Hire a licensed PRO for your project when drywall covers the entire suite in Thornhill

NO ONE CAN ADD SOMETHING INTO THE SOLID CONCRETE CEILING. Before calling please make sure the ceiling is NOT concrete. Call only if it has a hollow drop space which is at least 2" deep or hihg. OTHERWISE PLEASE DO NOT CALL!

Armored BX cable is mandatory in buildings

Recessed LED retrofit in Markham apartments & Brampton offices

Add pots into the finished condos in Vaughan

Electrician Toronto is your best choice for the safe, great looking and affordable LED lighting upgrade

Beware! Wiring in buildings must only be done using an armored cable BX or a metal conduit

Armored BX cable usage makes the wiring job much more difficult and time consuming

All handymen & some lousy electricians use white plastic Romex instead. The code strictly prohibits that due to the fire hazard

Don't put the entire Mississauga building population in danger!
Give your project to the expert in North York, ON
Demand the safe BX cable in Woodbridge!

Our Scarborough customers enjoy:

Strict adherence to the CODES no matter what
Quality and Safety without compromise

condo electrician in Markham

No damage to walls or ceiling
References and guarantees
All work is inspected
Affordable prices

Great workmanship in Richmond Hill. Satisfied Customers in Maple!

Completed projects and excellent results EVERY TIME!

From $150 per LED unit and $150 per switch


Condominium pot light electrician in Etobicoke. (647) 932 5666

Your drop ceiling or bulkhead is full of stuff!

It is often impossible to insert a fixture
If you are interested, there are two options:

Potlight insertion right into a hollow drop space

Or we can build a bulkhead and place the fixtures inside

Before giving an estimate, could you please answer these questions via email?

How high is each room?

Is an additional switch required?

When do you need the job done? Within days, weeks?

Is there an existing fixture or a ceiling junction box in each room?

Is a free unlimited daytime parking readily available at your place or within 20 meters?

How many pieces in how many places do you need? (pls give a list showing the desired number of new items per room)

If the building is 15 year old or more, what does the plaster consist of: one layer of drywall, two or more layers of drywall?

No one can run a new line inside the solid concrete wall

It's impossible to install anything into the concrete structure or inside it

It is only possible to place a visible cable below the solid concrete ceiling

It's impossible to insert a recessed switch box or receptacle into a concrete wall

Same applies to 80% of bulkhead(s) because most of them are full of pipes, vents, etc.

If depth of drywall + stud is not deep enough, adding a recessed switch or plug is out of question

When the probe hits an object it will neither go further up, nor spin 360°. And its handle would point to and let you know where the obstacle is exactly

A cylindrical space 4" to 5" in diameter and 2" high is necessary to accommodate a pot and wiring. Before calling please make sure that ceiling in your Markham, ON suite is hollow. And the distance from the drywall up to a concrete structure above is 2" or more. Ask neighbors or maintenance people. Alternatively, unbend a wire clothes hanger, straighten it out into a long section, and cut off a 15" piece. Use the hook as a handle. Punch the drywall or bulkhead with this probe, explore and measure the depth of the obstacle free space above. Please keep in mind that diameter of the recessed fixture casing is much bigger than the 3 mm thick probe. Investigate much wider sideways space above every future fixture location. You can use a ˥-shaped or [-shaped steel wire probe. Keep moving it 3" up and down, back and forth while rotating it 360°. Explore the space for any obstacles as shown on the pictures. You can DIY for free. Or we can charge $160 to $400 just for that in your Toronto or Brampton, ON unit

Ask your building manager about the ceiling and walls. Please email us all information together with your address in Oakville or just a postal code in Maple

Beware! Only a licensed electrical contractor is allowed to handle such work in a condominium. Electrician Toronto is!

Don't put yourself and others at risk of fire if you hired an unlicensed person to do the wiring and lighting

Check Woodbridge electrician's ID against the driver license and call licensure at 1-877 372-7233 then 1, then 3 to verify Scarborough contractor's credentials

This Thornhill contractor is insured and responsible for work in Vaughan or Oakville

Customers in North York and Mississauga get safe and code compliant lighting as well as extra protection and peace of mind

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