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Panel and service upgrade

Hire a PRO electrical contractor to upgrade your panel and service in Toronto

Fuse to breaker expert in the GTA installs bigger Amp panels with more breakers

All work is ESA inspected

Single phase and three phase service

High quality main switch on the supply side

100 Amp & 200 Amp panel upgrade for houses

400 Amp, 800 & 1200 Amp service upgrade in buildings

We eliminate all faults and problems associated with:

many sub breaker boxes & pony panels
no spare space to add line in Newmarket
messy crowded panel electrician in Toronto
overload and frequent main breaker trippings
not enough capacity in a Mississauga restaurant
not enough breakers in Vaughan or Richmond Hill
Etobicoke warehouse has no room for more circuits
frequently blowing fuses in Aurora or North York store
mess around main electrical box in Markham or Oakville
replace old fuse boxes and small breaker panels in Thornhill

sorting-out, tidying-up conductors inside the panel and around


Toronto ripped off standpipe, panel repair, house upgrade in Thornhill
Brampton new installation and building electrical panel upgrade Oakville
Overload balancing in house or building, troubleshooting, service relocation
Replace damaged service mast pulled away from wall, storm broke stack pipe
Sub panel installation and home panel upgrade electrical contractor in Etobicoke
Remodel, rewire, renovate, correction of code violations and grounding problems
Disconnect, shut off, meter relocation and ground bonding to gas pipe Mississauga
Conduit replacement, building system upgrade electrician in Toronto and Woodbridge


House and building panel and service upgrade in Toronto. (647) 932 5666

100, to 200 amp, to 400 Amp power supply in in Mississauga and GTA
800 Amp load centre ground bonding to natural gas and water pipes in Etobicoke

To get an absolutely free, no obligation advice or estimate, please email us a pic or two of your equipment

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