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High Ceiling Chandelier Installation in Toronto

Hanging Large and Heavy Chandeliers

chandelier electrician in Thornhill High Ceiling Reinforcement

Medallion molding around light fixture
New line wiring to light, switch and dimmer
Very large, very high & heavy hallway chandelier
Scaffolding for very high or impossible to reach spaces
Large ballroom custom art design pieces in convention center
Electrical contractor for hard to reach and very complicated cases
Hang up to 1.2 ton huge ones in a plaza, church, theatre, hotel or mansion

Affordable, fast, guaranteed, secure and solid workmanship

chandelier electrician in Vaughan

High Ceiling Chandelier Installation in Markham. (289) 217-9643

install chandelier in Mississauga and Etobicoke house hallway, 25' high light fixture electrician installer in Toronto building, church in Thornhill, banquet hall in Markham, plaza in Brampton, church in North York, theatre in Woodbridge, hotel in Scarborough or mansion in Richmond Hill, hang large and heavy piece above stairs in Oakville restaurant

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