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I have lost approximately half power in my home.

About fifty percent of my house is out of electricity.

One of the main fuses blew, it should be replaced.

Reset the main breaker.

If it did not help, please read on.

Possible reasons are:

Half of the main breaker is out, it should be replaced.

If there is no incoming power to one of the main breaker terminals or to one of the main fuses, then there is either a defect or loose connection at the a) main fuse or b) main breaker, in the c) meter box, at the d) weatherhead or in the e) underground feed line, or a problem at the f) hydro supply drop.

Unlikely, but it could also be a defective meter or broken conductor inside the service conduit. Another possibility is a power outage in your area or a partial blackout in the entire city block.

Also, a subpanel could be out, if there is one in the house. Probable causes are: no incoming power to the subpanel or no outgoing voltage in its circuit breaker in the main panel.

You can safely reset the main breaker. Otherwise, without risking serious injury, you don't want to play with the main power supply.

Do not do it yourself. You can burn down the house, kill yourself and the entire family.

Instead you can call the number above.