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Light Installation in Toronto. DIY Instructions

How to Install a Light Fixture

We discourage homeowners to do electrical work themselves
We assume no responsibility for the work done by homeowners
We formally advise home owners to hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor
ESA permit before any electrical work you are doing and inspection after are mandatory in Ontario

Hire a licensed electrician if
you are not sure how to DIY


Light Installation in Toronto. (289) 217-9643

Most light fixtures are relatively easy to hang up for a DIY installer

An advantage of hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor comparing to a handyman is that the Contractor takes extra safety steps, is legally responsible for the work, knows and follows the Electrical Code and regulations, gets the required permit, passes inspection, gives you a peace of mind, etc. The disadvantage - you have to pay a substantial amount for the service

1) Turn off the electrical power at the FUSE BOX or BREAKER BOX! This step is crucial for your safety. To make sure you do it right, first turn off all the circuit breakers one by one. And then turn off the main breaker.  Following this order is very important. You will need a flash light after that

2) You have to hook the ground (green or naked wire) from the light fixture to the ceiling junction box's ground wire or to the box's grounding screw. Then connect black to black and white to white using marrettes or approved wire nuts of the appropriate size

3) What if your ceiling box has multiple wires in it? First connect the ground and white wires as described above. Then use the trial and error method. Connect the black wire from the light fixture to one colored wire (or to two or more spliced together colored wires). Go to the FUSE BOX or BREAKER PANEL, turn the main fuse or breaker ON first, and then turn on circuit breakers one by one. Following this order is imperative. Then go back to you light and try the switch. If the switch does not turn the light on and off you have to connect the black wire from the light fixture to another colored wire (or to two or more spliced together colored wires) inside the ceiling light outlet box. Go to the step 1). And repeat the procedure until you find the right combination and/or until flipping the switch turns on your new light

You can figure out the right colored wire faster and easier with the help of a non-contact voltage detector. But the detector costs $40 itself ...

Do not install a light if there is NO box above. It's against the code and dangerous. The presence of a metal or plastic ceiling junction box is mandatory

And NEVER, EVER, EVER install lights yourself in a condo or apartment building, office, or another commercial facility. It is illegal, it threatens not only your family but the lives of all inhabitants in the building. If caught, you would be fined, brought to court, you would forfeit your insurance and face other terrible consequences for just installing a single light!

Mandatory and formal requirement in Ontario is: to call the Electrical Safety Authority at (1-877-esa-safe) to arrange for an inspection of any electrical work you are doing. Light installation in Toronto and in Ontario is the electrical work by definition