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Is aluminum wiring in my house safe?     It is NOT safe and could be outright dangerous if it has never been reconditioned.

On another hand, an aluminum wiring that has been professionally brought to electrical code or upgraded by a licensed electrical contractor could be perfectly safe!

How much does it cost to upgrade or make it safe?

Bringing the inferior wiring to code and to a safe condition would cost from $1400 to $2400 for a house of 2000 sq. f. or so.

The lower price is applicable if customer is willing to take down all light fixtures before and reinstall them after the upgrade.

The higher price tag is given to homeowners with multiple ceiling fans, GFCI wall plugs, and where various code violations were present before the upgrade.

The price would go up considerably if the new wiring installation or rewiring were necessary to eliminate hazards associated with pre-existing illegal or dangerous branch circuit wiring.

A question:

I recently bought an old, 1919 detached house. The seller produced a report stating that the house met code wiring requirements.

I also had a general inspection done before buying it.

In a few months I found out that the wiring was mostly knob and tube, some aluminum with hundreds of code violations. ESA inspection confirmed that. A couple of quotes I got said it would now cost me around $11,000 to rewire.

Can I make the previous owner cover the costs of it? Is he responsible?

The seller should have known better. And he should have told me instead of covering up the crap.

An answer:

The buyer obviously did not do own inspection. You "saved" on not doing a thorough wiring check. You had an opportunity to exercise due diligence but did not.

Why should someone else to pay for your mistake? Why should someone else to pay for your problem or your renovation?

Learn from this and hire a qualified electrical contractor/inspector BEFORE. Pay from $200 to $600 depending of how deep you would like him to inspect.

In your case you could have saved $10K or more! You did not do the right thing and you are the only one to blame.
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